Dental Implants for a Natural Smile

Losing permanent teeth does not have to be detrimental to your smile. Whatever the reason for your tooth loss, dental implants can be used for replacements and are considered the ideal method for tooth replacement due to their long-lasting and aesthetic effects.

Dental implants closely resemble the appearance of natural teeth. Implants have been used for 35 years and have a proven success rate.


Advanced Tooth Replacement Methods

Denzler Family Dentistry is dedicated to offering patients the best options for tooth replacement systems. Dr. Denzler and Dr. Riordan are experienced in dental implants to ensure you receive the best in implant restoration

We work together with the best implant surgeons to achieve predictable and long-lasting replacements for missing teeth. If you are interested, please contact us for an implant consultation.

Learn About Implant Restoration

Dental implants are made of surgical grade titanium post which is manufactured under sterile conditions with precise specifications to perfectly insert into the jawbone below the gum's surface. There is no concern of pain with the newest anesthetics and medications.

The bone bonds to the implant post to secure the new foundation onto which your new teeth will be attached. Depending on how many teeth you need - whether it's a single tooth or a full set - our doctor will determine the perfect type of implant restoration for you.

If you have partial or full dentures, implants can be used to improve the security and stability of your denture retention.

Restore Your Smile

Not only can dental implants restore your smile, but they can help to counteract a chain reaction of problems in your mouth. Implants are an easy approach to preventative care because they do not require treatment on adjacent teeth like other replacement methods.

Dental implants are easy to maintain and clean and will stop continual bone loss that occurs once a tooth is lost. This will help a great deal aesthetically because bone helps support the cheek, lip, and facial structures to ensure a beautiful and youthful smile.